Top Tips to Use Signage for Creating Strong Brand Personality

Have you ever wondered what is so special about you? You are unique in your way, nothing like anyone else. Similar is the case when we talk about the brands. A robust brand identity is what makes it out of the ordinary. That is where signage comes into play and takes the matter in its own hands.

A strong brand personality is created when people literally ‘live your brand.’ In order to do so, the first thing any successful businesses in highly competitive markets like UAE would want to do is that they would reach out to the maximum number of clients.

Recognition is the key to building a strong brand personality. , For this reason, rigorous advertising campaigns are initiated with the help of sign boards Dubai based service providers to promote brands in the local market.

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But this where the tricky part is, as there are a lot of factors to keep in mind before businesses embark on their journey for a strong brand personality. Let’s dig into some of the top tips to use signage for creating a strong brand personality.

How to build a strong brand personality using signage?

A business with no sign is a sign of no business. Your brand must have a top-notch sign that is recognized everywhere; it is seen. Just like practice makes a man perfect, signage makes a brand perfect. It isn’t a walk in the park.

It takes a great deal of diligent and composed efforts to win the hearts of millions or even billions. Consider the following tips:

  • Evident and understandable

Sometimes, keeping it simple is the hardest thing to do. In order to showcase the products or services, companies often fill their sign boards with excessive information. It creates a distraction, and most people prefer to skip reading it altogether.

Ease the clients by providing them with to the point yet impactful information. Keep in mind the viewer’s distance from the signboard to adjust the size of the signboard.

  • Befitting color scheme

Just as the evident and understandable information is crucial to represent a brand, a befitting color scheme can make it work like a charm. For example, Coca-Cola is famous for its red, likewise Starbucks for the green. Color scheme has the potential to grab the attention of the viewers, and it provides your brand with an identity.

  • Contrast for clarity

The higher the contrast, the greater would be the readability. This is a significant step in creating the brand personality because it minimizes the chances of your sign being missed out. A color scheme helps attract the attention of the viewer, but the perfect contrast setting ensures that your sign is read even from miles.

  • Precise font size

A lot of people commit the mistake of writing the entire text in capitals, deeming it’s bigger and easier to read. Little do they know that it gets quite annoying at times for the reader and inconvenience for the reader is not what a successful brand can afford?

It is always better to use both upper and lower case letters, followed by bolds and italics, to highlight the most critical information.

  • Picture perfect illumination

It doesn’t matter if you are using a billboard, poster, or a banner; without the right kind of illumination, your sign can’t reach its maximum potential. Utilizing every part of the day as well as the ‘night’ is the key.  

Besides, the traffic at nights is relatively more when compared to the day. Therefore, all these factors are to be kept in mind to get your signboard that picture-perfect look.

Concluding remarks:

There are more brands in the market than a mind can conceive. The critical question here is what makes YOUR brand significant and different than the rest. Not only do you want your brand to have an identity, it is equally essential that the clients perceive it in the right way.

A lot of brands are famous, and a lot of brands think that they are outstanding. That is why the competent professionals of Sign boards Dubai ensure that you fall in the former category and turn your dream of establishing a strong brand personality of your business  into reality.

Don’t forget to consider the elements of marketing strategy for aligning it with your advertising campaigns!

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